Privacy Policy

Confidentiality :

EWSPL will treat all information regarding you as confidential. EWSPL will not in the ordinary course disclose any information that it holds about you except in circumstances, where EWSPL is compelled to do so under the law or where you have provided your prior written authorization to disclose information related to you. EWSPL may also have to disclose personal information where it requires to do so or where it is in the public interest to do so. EWSPL may be required to disclose information about you to third parties to facilitate the provision of services to you or other financial institutions as deemed necessary. You may not use or export or re-export the Information or copy in violation of any applicable laws or regulations, including export laws and regulations in force from time to time.

Futuristic Statements:

EWSPL does not embrace any commitment to right or revisit any forward-looking explanations on the site. The site may every now and then contain forward-looking explanations that incorporate data about EWSPL's budgetary prospects, arrangements and plan of administration for future operations, monetary conditions, trends and known instabilities. The user is advised that real outcomes could contrast from those that EWSPL expects, contingent upon the result of specific components.

Internet Email, Trade-Marks and Copyright:

All copyright, trademark, patent, intellectual and other property rights in the information contained in this website are owned by EWSPL in association with Apeejay Group. Any use or reproduction of the information, unauthorized access, or proprietary rights contained in this site is strictly prohibited and is subject to legal action as provided in applicable laws. The Information is for your personal use only. Any unapproved downloading, re-transmission, or other replicating or alteration of exchange imprints or potentially the substance of the Site might be an infringement of any law that may apply to exchange points as well as copyrights and could subject the copier to legitimate activity. No data on this site ought to be repeated or appropriated without the earlier written consent of EWSPL.