Cabins & Team Offices

Every business needs good quality office space which is suitable to seat their management and teams. While your management needs to have executive office space, you teams need office spaces where they can sit and work together. Apeejay Business Centers are stylishly designed office spaces for all your needs. We offer office spaces in heart of the Pune city and are strategically located at CBD locations.
Our exclusive and fully furnished office has cabins that are best suited for the management team while the large cubicles are designed to seat teams.
All our office spaces are equipped with modern technology, high speed internet and access control. For your needs to conduct meetings, discussions and interviews we provide discussion rooms and meeting rooms on need basis.
Our support staff ensures that you have seamless and uninterrupted work experience in all our office spaces. Our reception, canteen, security and gofer facility are designed to make the office space a pleasurable experience.
We welcome you to experience our fully furnished office space and choose from a variety of cabins with ready to use workstations, internet and telephone connectivity
Our centers are accessible 24/7 and if you wok demands flexibility in office space to cater to different time zones then just contact us and we will work out the best office space offering for you